How can Factoring Solutions help my Merionethshire business?

Merionethshire Invoice Discounting

Factoring Solutions Ltd are factoring and invoice discounting brokers covering Merionethshire and the whole UK. We arrange finance facilities for UK businesses in Merionethshire to improve their cashflow.

Find out more on Factoring Solution's three main services for businesses in Merionethshire: Merionethshire Invoice Discounting, Merionethshire Factoring and Merionethshire Trade Finance

Invoice Discounting in Merionethshire

Invoice discounting allows funding to be received against the sales ledger in the same way as factoring, but without the credit control option. Therefore your customers will be unaware of the involvement of any discounter. There is a good chance that some of your suppliers are already receiving the benefits of invoice discounting, but this fact is not disclosed to you. Many businesses in Merionethshire prefer this route as it is cheaper and they are more than capable of collecting their own debts. Factoring companies covering Merionethshire will allow an Merionethshire Invoice Discounting facility, provided you can demonstrate an adequate paper trail and have the ability to collect the debt in house.

Factoring in Merionethshire

Factoring for businesses in Merionethshire is an extremely flexible method of providing cash flow for a businesses in Merionethshire. The amount of funding available also increases in line with the growth of your Merionethshire business.

Under a Merionethshire factoring facility, copies of the sales invoices are provided to the factoring company covering Merionethshire. Once received, the factoring company will immediately advance up to 85% of the invoice value (in some circumstances, advances of up to 100% are available). The balance of the funding is received when the customer pays. So the Merionethshire business benefits from "accelerating" the cash flow by up to 85% of the debtor book.

Trade Finance in Merionethshire

Trade Finance for businesses in Merionethshire is a generic term for the provision of finance in order to enable goods to be purchased in order to satisfy an order. Finance is provided by the trade financier to bridge the funding gap between purchase and sale. There are effectively two types of trade finance - Merionethshire Purchase Finance and Letters of Credit for Merionethshire Businesses


If you are a Merionethshire Business and have the orders but are struggling with cash flow then any of our 3 Factoring Solutions options could help you.

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