Who are Factoring Solutions?

Business Introducer Platform

Factoring Solutions Limited is a specialist factoring broker and invoice discounting broker, arranging factoring and invoice discounting facilities for businesses in the UK.

How can factoring solutions help me?

Factoring and invoice discounting facilities are sourced for you by Factoring Solutions' team of experienced professionals, who have backgrounds in banking, accountancy and financial services. Our breadth of experience allows us to evaluate your requirements more fully, thereby offering added value to your business.

How does a factoring broker work?

Once Factoring Solutions receive your enquiry, we will contact you within 1 working day to assess your requirements in full. We then present your case to the most appropriate factor, and follow the transaction through to completion:

  • We do not charge you fees.
  • Our fees are paid as a commission from the factor.
  • Although we have access to over 70 factoring and discounting providers, we would only introduce our clients to half of these factors.

We will not introduce you to:

  • Bank Factors (We believe that a client should be a client, not a number)
  • Factors which promise the earth and deliver very little (we know who they are)
  • The cheapest option at the expense of service and professionalism. (So if you are looking to use an alternative quote merely to get a better deal from your existing factor, please find an alternative broker)

We will introduce you to:

  • A reputable independent flexible factoring company that will tailor a solution to fit your requirements at a reasonable cost.

Due to the volume of business we place with selected factoring companies, our clients can often take advantage of "special offers" that are available from time to time.
These include:

  • 0% finance for a limited period
  • Payment of existing factor's exit fees
  • 3 month trial period, before committing to a contract
  • We always endeavour to obtain the best deals for our clients, without compromising service and professionalism.
Contact us today about our Factoring and Invoice Discounting : email: enquiries@fundingsolutions.ltd.uk : tel: 0844 4144379